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3+1  Benefits of Waldorf Education
May 24, 2020May 24, 2020

3+1 Benefits of Waldorf Education

Waldorf schools are unique for many reasons and If you ever visit a Waldorf classroom you will be surprised at how a  Waldorf class looks; Some of the daily activities include cooking, knitting, and sewing. The benefits to be in a Waldorf school are many and we will discuss the main benefits. Develop Critical Thinking...

Outdoor Play
August 18, 2019June 21, 2020

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is part of the curriculum in Waldorf Schools. Waldorf students often spend a large part of the day outdoors as it is significant for their development.  Developing Creativity Children who are out into nature have the opportunity to explore and play with natural toys. These ‘toys’ could be sticks, rocks, pine cones, seashells,...

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