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We are K-6 school including Kindergarten and Primary School for Grades 1 to 6. Please schedule the Parent & Teacher meeting with us via phone: +357 96 116 120

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School’s curriculum is based on almost 100 years of successful practice worldwide which complies with the UK national curriculum requirements. However we use our own teaching methods.

In primary school, the students’ imaginations are strong and their intellectual capacities are developing fast. All the key subjects are taught imaginatively and artistically, integrated with the arts, storytelling, music, woodwork, physical education and movement, and outdoor education. The school day begins with a main lesson, which incorporates the academic focus of an area of study which occurs during the first 2 hours of the day, when the pupil’s mind is most receptive and while building their attention skills. Children’s work is regularly reviewed to track the unique development of each student.

Our school welcomes children from all backgrounds and cultures. It is a proven alternative to mainstream education like all 1,200 plus Waldorf schools worldwide.

Gradually we are planning to develop the School into the fully accredited university preparatory institution and will take pupils from Kindergarten right through to A levels.

Curriculum Highlights: English Language, Math, History, Science, Two Foreign Languages (Greek and Russian), Music, Practical Arts, Games/PE, Eurythmy.