School’s curriculum based on almost 100 years of successful practice worldwide which complies with the UK national curriculum requirements. However, the Rudolf Steiner School does not follow the year-on-year requirements using its own teaching methods.

Our school welcomes children from all backgrounds and cultures. It is a proven alternative to mainstream education like all 1,200 plus Waldorf Steiner schools worldwide.

Gradually we are planning to develop the School into the fully accredited university preparatory institution and will take pupils from pre-school right through to A levels.

The Waldorf curriculum is designed to be responsive to the various phases of a child’s development. The relationship between student and teacher is, likewise, recognized to be both crucial and changing throughout the course of childhood and early adolescence.

The main subjects, such as history, language arts, science and mathematics are, as mentioned, taught in main lesson blocks of two to three hours per day, with each block lasting from three to five weeks.

The total Waldorf curriculum has been likened to an ascending spiral: subjects are revisited several times, but each new exposure affords greater depth and new insights into the subject at hand.*

The curriculum is as broad as time will allow, and balances academics subjects with artistic and practical activities.