The curriculum is as broad as time will allow, and balances academics subjects with artistic and practical activities.

Our school welcomes children from all backgrounds and cultures. It is a proven alternative to mainstream education like all 1,200 plus Waldorf Steiner schools worldwide.

Gradually we are planning to develop the School into the fully accredited university preparatory institution and will take pupils from pre-school right through to A levels.


By freely using arts and activities in the service of teaching academics, an internal motivation to learn is developed in the students, doing away with the need for competitive testing and grading.


Programs provide international students with the opportunity to attend waldorf school abroad for a period of time to improve their knowledge, language skills and to experience life in another culture, which is an extremely valuable experience for adolescents.

Below are just few examples of Waldorf International Student Programs abroad.

UK – http://rsskl.org/admissions/visiting-pupils/


USA – http://hawthornevalleyschool.org/boarding-exchange/boarding/

Canada – http://www.vws.ca/high-school/international-exchange-program/