The main reason is that Waldorf schools honor and protect the wonder of childhood. Every effort is expended to make Waldorf schools safe, secure and nurturing environments for the children, and to protect their childhood from harmful influences from the broader society.

Secondly, Waldorf education has a consistent philosophy of child development underlying the curriculum. All subjects are introduced in age appropriate fashion.
Finally, Waldorf schools produce graduates who are academically advantaged with respect to their public school counterparts, and who consistently gain admission to top universities.*

The beauty of the Waldorf school is that it is designed entirely to keep children intact until they are ready to move out into the world as whole individuals.

Joseph Chilton Pearce.

We love Waldorf kids. We reject some students with 1600s on their SATs and accept others based on other factors, like the creative ability Waldorf students demonstrate.

Donna Badrig.,
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions for Columbia University USA.

The advent of the Waldorf Schools was in my opinion the greatest contribution to world peace and understanding of the century.

Willy Brandt.,
Former Chancellor of West Germany.
Former Waldorf parent, 1971 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Being personally acquainted with a number of Waldorf students, I can say that they come closer to realizing their own potential than practically anyone I know.

Joseph Weizenbaum.

If I had a child of school age, I would send him to one of the Waldorf Schools.

Saul Bellow (1915-2005).,
1976 Nobel Literature Laureate.

My daughter’s experience at the Waldorf school has been both exciting and mind opening. I hope that more people can make Waldorf education available to their children.

Russell Schweickart.,
Apollo 9 astronaut, NASA Astronaut Technical Advisor, California Energy Commission,
former Waldorf parent.



What do we feel about the world?

What will we feel in the future?

If I feel differently than my classmate, how do I reconcile that?

Each person understands the world through their own set of experiences and filters. How do we ask another into ourselves so that we may understand him or her and thus get to know the world and ourselves better?

Waldorf Education is truly unique in this. It teaches the child to awaken to the bright and vivid world around him. It encourages the child to touch, taste, smell, breathe each moment before him, whether a math problem, a Norse myth, a wood and stone creation of his own hands, or a classmate with a completely different background and experience of the world.**

Steiner students learn with more enthusiasm and interest, feel more supported, and know their strengths better than students in mainstream school.
There is a high degree of congruence between the requirements of the modern world and what is taught to Steiner students.

Exerts taken from an article in Die Welt,
Germannational newspaper, October 2nd 2012